CxOutsourcers Mindshare Event 2023

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Join Mark Angus, Traci Freeman, and Peter Ryan for our fourth, exclusive ideation and mindshare group in Glasgow, Scotland, May 30 – 31, 2023. Gain access to updated research, strategy, content, and best practices that will help you stay ahead of the curve and steer your company’s growth with absolute confidence. 

Exclusively for CX BPO Executives only.

Event Details
CxOutsourcers Mindshare Event
Mark Angus
Genesis and GBS.World
Mark is the CEO, Researcher & Strategist of Genesis Global Business Services a global-to-local research, consulting and strategy firm.
Peter Ryan
Ryan Strategic Advisory
Peter Ryan is known worldwide as an influential and trusted BPO and CX research analyst, strategic advisor and thought leader.
Traci Freeman
Believe Consulting
Global Business Services (GBS) Sector - BPO / Call & Contact Centres / Shared Service Centres, Digital & ICT.

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