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Announcing The All Africa Sourcing and CX Investment Survey 2019 - 2020

• What is the size and quantified nature of the Sourcing and CX market in Africa?
• What investment opportunities are there in the Sourcing industry?
• What global vertical industry demands and requirements can Africa supply
• What enabling technology, people, processes and capabilities does the continent offer?
• What are the unique selling points for global analysts, buyers and investors?
• What are the value propositions of the top offshore and nearshore destinations?

To participate in this survey contact:
+27 82 498 3726

2018-2019 Global Customer Experience Vertical Market Survey: Banking, Insurance, Retail, Telecoms

The 2018-2019 Global CX Vertical Market Intelligence Survey provides substantiated research on the investment plans and growth objectives of over 300 executives and decision-makers across 4 key vertical industries in Australia, South Africa, the UK and the US.

Includes insights on:
• Customer experience (CX) in Banking, Insurance, Retail, Telecoms
• Customer lifecycle management (CLM) outsourcing and co-sourcing growth
• CX buyers outlook and investments
• Digital channel adoption
• Automation and technology preferences
• Service provider requirements
• Most favored offshore locations
• Challenges and pain points