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Blending technology with the human touch: CxOutsourcers 2022

CxOutsourcers 2022 launched Wednesday morning in Las Vegas with a string of deep insights from key BPO and CX management thought leaders. In the opening presentation, Stephanie Todd, founder of SoulCX, offered the audience a range of emerging CX trends, ranging from product sales that include built-in customer service to the trend toward devices becoming more fun. But, Todd cautioned, CX providers must get the basics right.

During a panel on emerging verticals trends chaired by former MP and business consultant Simon Danczuk, two leading analysts offered insights on e-commerce and tourism. Executive editor and analyst Loren Moss noted that an expected recession could spur a trend toward more outsourcing, if service providers are well positioned. Author Miya Knights stressed the importance of blended CX management, where leading technologies such as AI are coupled with human agents. And companies can further differentiate themselves through proactive contact with customers, Knights said.

In a futuristic look at CX management, TrendzOwl principal Stephen Loynd unpacked the potential and peril of the metaverse. Gaming will be at the “tip of the spear” in introducing businesses and consumers to the metaverse.

A presentation on AI by Lian Rowlands, founder of Tayma Solutions, began with a survey of the rapid growth of AI and chatbots. By 2024, chatbots will drive $142 billion in sales. Using the right type of chatbot is vital though, Rowlands said, who went on to explain the pros and cons of different technologies.

Before breaking for lunch, strategic real estate advisor Ann Harts led a panel on nearshore and offshore delivery locations. During the panel, Emerging Europe founder Andrew Wrobel noted the strengths of Central European nations in effective COVID responses. In the post-COVID era Georgia, among other small European nations, appears poised for greater BPO investment. Dave Rumble noted Egypt’s strengths as a multilingual hub, as is South Africa for English-language service delivery. In Latin America and the Caribbean, Jamaica and Colombia both appear likely to enjoy more BPO investment thanks to strong government support and large human talent pools.

Shelli Ryan of Ad Hoc and The CX Blockchain™ Institute delivered a compelling presentation on the continued momentum of blockchain as a disruptive technological trend in contact center and CX operations. Survey data from the 2022 CX Blockchain™ Market Intelligence Report (produced by Genesis GBS) alludes to the fact that businesses have gained a far greater understanding of blockchain technology, moving from discovery to implementation in their blockchain strategies. “This greater understanding has pushed higher deployment levels of blockchain in contact center and CX environments,” said Ryan. “Key highlights from the survey include the fact that blockchain is being used to empower agents and drive efficiencies – moving away from the cost reduction play. Addressing financial fraud, data and cybersecurity are other prominent drivers for CX blockchain deployment.”

Later in the day, CxOutsourcers featured presentations on hybrid CX delivery and rapid fire presentations from sponsors.

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