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June 7, 2018
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Africa Rising

Survey highlights the immense appetite for cloud-based contact centre solutions on the continent.

Cloud computing is a growing trend globally, including in Africa. Many businesses on the continent are already adopting this computing model to transform their operations and leap frog larger competitors and enterprises that are grappling with their transition from legacy systems.

It’s an exciting time, characterised by rampant innovation and a growing number of nimble and agile small to medium sizes enterprises (SMEs) entering the market. The benefits and capabilities associated with the cloud computing model has heralded a period of unprecedented disruption, which is proving to be a catalyst for cloud transformation throughout Africa.

This trend was confirmed in the 2018 Genesys Cloud Transformation Survey: African Small & Medium Sized Contact Centres, which was conducted by Knowledge Executive across five African countries, namely Botswana, Kenya, Ghana, Namibia and South Africa.

What emerged following interviews with C-level executives, contact centre directors and managers across 10 key vertical industries was the overwhelming message that technology transformation, particularly via the cloud, is front and centre for most businesses in Africa.

And that trend is mirrored in the contact centre environment. The survey confirmed that the adoption of cloud computing technology in the African contact centre industry is growing and maturing as companies increasingly shift from on-premise to hybrid and in-the-cloud models.

The survey highlights the primary drivers of this trend, such as the desire to enhance both customer and employee experience and engagement and the ability to fulfil a broad range of business process services. It also focuses on the flexible commercial models offered and the access in the cloud to new forms of communication channels such as social media and video chat and advanced technologies such as intelligent automated agents or chat bots.

However, while the inclination is strong within Africa’s vibrant contact centre industry to adopt the cloud model with hosted, virtual and Contact-Centre-as-a-Service (CCaaS) solutions, barriers to adoption remain. Among others, the survey highlights concerns around security, risk and compliance and budget constraints.

Opportunities therefore abound for cloud service providers that have the industry experience, the solution sets to address these concerns, with the ability to also deliver mature technology, IT support and seamless integration that enables omnichannel communication capabilities. With growth expected to accelerate over the next five years as more African operations evolve and transform into the cloud, the time is now to leverage the trends highlighted in this survey to inform strategic decisions going forward.

The report was commissioned by Genesys, produced independently by Knowledge Executive and brought to you by Pivotal Data. You can download a copy of the report here.

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